Global Campaigns with local impact

Join us to unite globally to take action for forests, save and protect them,and ensure future generations can get to know and enjoy the wonderful biodiversity of forests around the world.

Use our campaign booklet for fun activity ideas in the forest.

International Day of Peace

Dr. Jane Goodall, DBE was first appointed as a UN Messenger of Peace in a ceremony at the United Nations in September 2002 by then Secretary General Kofi Annan. Reappointed by Secretary General Ban ki Moon, she remains in this important role today. The designated UN Day of Peace is 2lst September, and celebrations are held thought the month of September globally by Roots & Shoots groups.

Join us in creating your own giant peace dove with your group. For more information about activity ideas, visit our Resources page

Roots & Shoots ForeverWild Campaign

ForeverWild is the Global flagship campaign of the Jane Goodall Institute working to end wildlife trafficking, with a focus on the particular harm caused by trafficking of our flagship species, chimpanzees, and other great apes. The aim of ForeverWild is to ‘End international wildlife crime of primates (and other species) through awareness campaigns, education and advocacy.’

Roots & Shoots groups can join this campaign to work towards ending wildlife trafficking and increasing awareness about this topic. Groups can share information from their regions about indigenous, endemic, or endangered species they are passionate about saving. This campaign can incorporate peer-to-peer engagement and discussions around projects with similar species same species in various regions.

The campaign “No Waste November” (NWN) was established by Roots & Shoots members in 2017 to inspire actions on topics including climate change, conservation, sustainable living, and conservation. The November campaign invites you and your community to mindfully notice and reduce daily waste in simple and creative ways in order to achieve a positive impact on a global scale!

We warmly invite everyone to participate in this global movement to take a stand against the ongoing pollution of our planet. The holistic approach of this year’s campaign allows members of all cultures, genders, generations, and lifestyles to join. Follow #NoWasteNovember for tips on sustainable living throughout the year.