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Roots & Shoots Forever Wild Campaign

ForeverWild is the Global flagship campaign of the Jane Goodall Institute working to end wildlife trafficking, with a focus on the particular harm caused by trafficking of our flagship species, chimpanzees, and other great apes. The aim of ForeverWild is to ‹End international wildlife crime of primates (and other species) through awareness campaigns, education and advocacy.’

Roots & Shoots groups can join this campaign to work towards ending wildlife trafficking and increasing awareness about this topic. Groups can share information from their regions about indigenous, endemic, or endangered species they are passionate about saving. This campaign can incorporate peer to peer engagement and discussions around projects with similar species  same species in various regions.

Jane Goodall Institute Forever Wild Campaign

The images we see matter. They affect our beliefs and in turn, our behaviour.

Quick Tips

Our quick tips below help to clarify and identify ‹good› vs ‹bad› imagery of chimpanzees and other great apes. With a focus on social media, they help you know what is appropriate to share and what not to share, so together, we can protect these amazing but endangered species.

Flag or report imagery on social media that violates these guidelines.

DON’T share or like posts with great apes interacting with people who are not experts.

DON’T share or like posts with great apes performing for entertainment or ’smiling› for selfies.

DON’T share or like posts with great apes wearing clothing.

Join our campaign and share our imagery guidelines.

Sharing inappropriate images of great apes (chimpanzees, gorillas, orangutans and bonobos) impacts the welfare of these endangered species and fuels the illegal wildlife trade. 

Follow our guidelines to do your part to protect chimpanzees and other great apes.

Roots & Shoots groups can participate in the ForeverWild campaign by including local species in our global campaign. This can be a mammal, reptile, plant or bird that is under threat from illegal trafficking.

We encourage groups to share information about their project, and engage with peers from various regions globally to highlight the plight of their local species, and find solutions together.

Contact your local Roots & Shoots office to join the campaign, or reach out to the Roots & Shoots Global team for more information.