International Day of Peace 2022 - stories from our network

South Korea

To mark International Day of Peace, the Roots & Shoots team in South Korea held a climate justice workshop and joined the Climate Justice March in Seoul with the giant peace dove.

For the Climate justice workshop, their group members listened to a presentation prepared by their staff about how climate change is affecting world peace and conflict, and embedded injustices. After the presentation, the group shared their thoughts and feelings about climate injustice and spoke about how to tackle issues related to climate justice. Then, they prepared their own message board using recycled materials and wrote messages on the board based on what was shared during the workshop.

After the workshop, the Roots & Shoots South Korea team joined the Climate Justice March in Seoul. Around 40,000 activists had gathered on the street and marched for climate justice.

South Africa

Groups in 3 provinces of South Africa celebrated International Day of Peace with a number of diverse activities.

In Gauteng Province, the green Team of Olievenhoutbosch conducted a community clean-up. The group at Lesedi Primary School in Orange Farm presented their thoughts about Peace to their peers. 

In Port Shepstone, in Kwa-Zulu Natal Province, the group from Hlanganani Preparatory School made lovely peace doves and posters with their educators. 

In Mpumalanga province, groups celebrated the local national holiday of Heritage Day together with International Day of Peace by cleaning up and gardening at a local church and afterschool care facility in the area of Ngodini.


Annie Nabwani, head of the R&S Israel Youth Leadership Council, led her school friends and teachers in signing a “Peace Accord” at their school in Yarka. Scholars and teachers enthusiastically support “Bringing Back History” of ecological restoration and traditional knowledge revival through learning from their grandparents. This High school was awarded with Israel’s number 1 success rate in number of graduates for High School diploma and highest grades.


Youth groups all across Tanzania spread the message of peace, in schools, community centers, with community leaders from various religions and even the Prime Minister! The celebrations started with four youth summiting Mount Kilimanjaro with a giant peace dove on Sunday 18th September . Their efforts were recognised at a UN event in Kilimanjaro on 21st September where the Prime Minister of Tanzania and the United Nations resident ambassador were present and held up the symbolic giant peace dove. Congratulations to all the youth and group leaders. With giant peace doves at schools and community walks, poems about ending gender-based violence and ending racism, community clean-ups, and even a girls soccer match, the diversity of celebrations echoed the voices of our youth in the message that “Together we can! Together we will end racism and build peace!” 

Democratic Republic of Congo:

Youth in the City of Beni spoke at their local radio show about the topic of “No to Racism”.