Experience the captivating "Jane" series now streaming on Apple TV+

Jane Goodall Institute Global (JGIG) is thrilled to announce the launch of the new children’s series, “Jane,” which premieres worldwide on Apple TV+ on 14 April 2023. Produced in partnership with award-winning production company, Sinking Ship Entertainment, “Jane” is a captivating new children’s tv series that offers a fresh perspective on Dr. Jane Goodall’s ground-breaking work with animals, aimed at 6-9-year-olds. 

Inspired by Dr. Goodall’s lifelong dedication to animal welfare and conservation, “Jane” takes young viewers on fantastic adventures and a journey of discovery, exploring the fascinating lives of different animal species and their unique behaviours. With amazing, computer-generated (CGI) animals and live actors leading the adventures, the series encourages children to develop a deeper understanding of the natural world and inspires them to become stewards of the planet. 

The theme song, ‘One Step Closer’ was recently announced by Apple TV+ Written by the incredible Diane Warren and performed by talented singer Leona Lewis. We are grateful that this multi-award-winning duo are supporting the Jane Goodall Institute with this song. 

Andria Teather, JGIG’s advisor and representative on the executive production team said “We are thrilled that Sinking Ship Entertainment has created this amazing series in partnership with JGI. Children around the world will learn about the animals and the importance of conservation – in an entertaining and engaging way.” 

 Sinking Ship Entertainment CEO J.J. Johnson added, “We are excited to be collaborating with JGI Global to create a show that inspires young viewers to become advocates for animal welfare and conservation. We hope that ‘Jane’ will inspire a new generation of environmentalists to protect the planet and its inhabitants.” 

The series will be available for streaming exclusively on AppleTV+ on 14 April, 2023.   Each of the series 10 episodes will run approximately 20 minutes.