German Roots & Shoots-Group "Würmranger“ celebrate 10 years of dedication

For the past decade, children, adolescents, teachers and parents have achieved great results to protect the river Würm (Wuerm) and its banks. They classify plants and animals along the river. They learn that restoring rivers to their natural course, wherever possible, is of great benefit for water, plants, animals and people.

The Würmrangers take care of three such river beds, regularly checking the spread of Fallopia japanica und Impatiens glandulifera, two invasive neophytes. These plants take habitats for indigenous plants and biodiversity if not removed.

The group also collects trash regularly.

The Würmrangers organise public events like the very popular Bats Nights with an expert from another nature conservation organisation. People learn, amongst other things, that bats have been suffering from the disappearance of insects in urban areas. The Würmrangers have created an “oasis for insects”, which is also beautiful for people.

One of these insect oases has been nurtured by the Würmrangers for several years, and they plan to expand it. The project has inspired nearby schools and kindergartens to learn more about biology and the projection of nature in their communities.

We hope Würmrangers continue their amazing work for decades to come!