Innovative Climate-Friendly Graffiti from the Roots & Shoots Austria Team

Since October 2021, a group of committed students from different fields of study (astronomy, physics, biology, transcultural communication) has been working on their self-chosen Roots & Shoots project for climate protection. The students came together as part of our ERASMUS project “Together for the Climate – New Solutions and Innovations for Youth Climate Action”. The aim is to provide young people with the best possible support in implementing their own climate protection projects.

After an intensive planning phase, the students decided to implement a project that draws public attention to the climate crisis and points to the importance of greening measures to improve the microclimate in cities. All of this is achieved with a climate-friendly graffiti style: moss graffiti.

Instead of using large amounts of harmful chemicals, moss graffiti consists of living moss that can decorate the walls or plazas of public spaces and improve the microclimate in cities. There are different ways to create moss graffiti.

The students of the Roots & Shoots project began to collect moss cushions and attach them to a wooden board using bio-adhesive. This moss graffiti board together with an info board is currently part of the biggest outdoor photo festival in Europe which takes place in Baden, a city south of Vienna, from 9 June to 16 October this year:

The R&S students will also create a second moss graffiti in the city centre of Vienna at the frequented Danube Canal, where there are dedicated graffiti walls that can be legally designed. This was an important requirement as the group decided to combine moss graffiti with some sprayed provocative sayings and facts about the climate crisis (using eco-friendly spray paints of course). At the same time, they created an online blog where they share their experiences with others and document the entire process with photos. They are currently planning to set up a stand on a few days and distribute information cards on the subject.

An amazing innovative project from the ERASMUS students!